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About Us

Hello ;

In the Turkish handicrafts sector, which I have been doing fondly since 1983, I research and supply more and more comprehensive and diverse products as special production, while remaining faithful to their quality and originals.

Thanks to the Turkuaz Turkish handicrafts store and website I founded in 2002, our togetherness will be more enjoyable and uninterrupted.

Apart from this, I work with special designs in my frame workshop that I established within my own structure, and I have enabled you, my dear friends, to bring together your memories and products with frames.

Apart from these formations I have made, it is also possible to find exclusive models and patterns of Ottoman tile arts and place special orders. In my collection, there are always exclusive models of Turkish - Afghan - Turkmen products selected from hand-woven carpets and rugs...

I always welcome the special opinions and suggestions of our valued friends.

Kind regards.



                                                                HALİT KAYA